Doves of Hope
Doves of Hope

Geoff’s Story

Geoff has always been drawn to the mountains and to nature, and living in Bella Coola, British Columbia was perfect for him! As a physical education teacher, he loved sharing his passion for outdoors sports to his students and his family. In fact, Geoff and his wife Lindsay had welcomed home their second daughter. Their family was growing and the future was bright. Geoff never saw cancer coming.


While doing some work on the roof of his house, Geoff slipped and fell. When he went to the hospital, they discovered he had a collapsed lung that required surgery. However, after his surgery, his lung didn’t heal as expected. His doctors took a closer look and they discovered shocking news … Geoff had mesothelioma, a rare cancer of the lining of the lung.

Most patients with this aggressive type of cancer don’t survive a year after their diagnosis. Cause primarily by workplace asbestos exposure with long latency period, Geoff was baffled as to how he developed it.

“In a flash, our lives were turned upside down – I was overwhelmed with uncertainty. The thought that I might never see my children grow up as heartbreaking”

With his growing family, Geoff knew he wanted the best treatment possible – even if it meant leaving his home province of British Columbia. He was referred to The Princess Margaret and received ground-breaking treatment developed by Dr. Marc De Perrot and Dr. John Cho called SMART (Sugery for Mesothelioma After Raditation Therapy).

Geoff underwent intensive radiation before having surgery to remove the lining of his chest wall and his lungs. Today, he has no evidence of cancer!

Geoff has returned to many of the activites he loves, including enjoying the outdoors and being an active dad to his young energetic kids. He is grateful for the excellent care he has received and the donations that made it all possible.

"I’ll get to see my daughters grow up, graduate, marry, and possibly have kids of their own. Your gifts have given me time to be there for my kids and wife."

Your generous support can offer hope to patients like Geoff, who was lifted during his darkest moments. You can give hope when they need it most. Hope comes from cancer research, personalized cancer medicine, and the care of wonderful staff and doctors. And that means so much for those whose lives have been touched by cancer.

By giving a gift and dedicating a Dove of Hope, you'll help drive research and provide breakthrough treatments that can save lives, just like Geoff. Please give generously today!


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“Your gifts offer hope today. It’s hope that gives more time for birthdays, graduation and time with family and friends. That’s what it did for me” - Geoff, cancer survivor, husband and dad