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What is Doves of Hope?

We all know and love people who have been touched by cancer. Because of this, the Doves of Hope campaign has become an important annual tradition at The Princess Margaret. Both at the cancer centre and here online, doves fly in a display of hope and strength for cancer patients and their families.

Each Dove represents one person and their unique journey. Thousands of Doves are dedicated and shared every year. Together, the Doves unite us all in our vision to Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime.

When you create a dove today, you can honour someone special in a visible and heartfelt way. And when you donate, you make a lasting impact in the fight against cancer.

How can my Dove help?

When you create a Dove of Hope you become part of a collective effort to inspire hope and conquer cancer. You can share your Dove with friends on Facebook or Twitter. Or support a friend's Dove page. Simply search for a Dove, read their tribute and lend your encouragement and support.

When you make a donation, you amplify the hope that Dove represents. By making a gift, you will be making a real difference in conquering cancer.

What do I do?

Honouring someone special is easy. Start by creating your own Dove of Hope! It takes just a few minutes.

You can also support friends and family by adding comments to their Dove page. Find a Dove and read a heartfelt tribute.

Consider making a donation today.Your support of the Doves of Hope campaign makes a real difference to those fighting cancer right now.

Where will my Dove be displayed?

Create your Dove now and be included in the special Dove Dedication Ceremony on December 14th at 11:30 a.m. at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre!

All of the doves  will form a magnificent display of hope and inspiration for the patients, families and staff who come to the cancer centre during the holiday season.

Last year, over 10,000 doves soared in The Princess Margaret, each representing someone special. Ensure your Dove is included at this very special event.

Your  Dove will also soar online for your family and friends to see in the Browse All Doves gallery.